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Beauty by Fox ~  Permanent Makeup Services  ───

Permanent makeup services are certainly among those that you want to get from the most experienced practitioners. We at Paris Permanent Makeup Clinic & Academy are proud to provide the best permanent makeup services to our clients in South Orange County.

Microblading Eyebrows


Microblading eyebrows creates hair-like strokes to create an illusion of a fuller eyebrows.

Lip Blushing


In lip blushing, your permanent makeup artist deposits colored ink into your lips to make them appear fuller.

Eyeliner Upper & Lower


Permanent eyeliner enhances the shape and and size of the eyes by inserting microdroplets of colored pigments

What Our Clients Say

Ms. Fox,
You did such an excellent job!! With my eyebrows. I’m getting lots of nice complements.🤗, love your Academy😍 it is super clean, organized and I notice one thing you’re very creative…. it was a pleasure meeting in person…. Thanks again for your Excellent work.🙂

” by Lilia Ornelas”

I would highly recommend Fox to everyone. I know reviews are likely done when there is a complaint and when good work is done it is forgotten. Which is why I am making this review because this place deserves recognition. Maritza is as talented as she is kind, so is the rest of the staff.

“by Amanda Rector Selway”

Omg!! I am thrilled and beyond amazed by how AMAZING my brows look after getting micro bladed by MARITZA. i work and do hair at salon ambiance right next store and when this place opened up i was excited! I got my brows microbladed about 5 years ago and they have faded sooooo Much. So it was time for new brows. I scheduled an appointment with MARINA and wow, i am totally pleased and sp happy! It only took about 2 hours total and she made me feel comfortable and not anxious i even fell asleep! I will definitely reccomend anyone who is looking to get permanent makeup to come to fox microblading. Ask for marina or miss foxy herself 😉 without these 2 girls; i wouodnt feel as amazing as i do right now! So much happier and now i dont have to feel so insecure about my brows when i wake up in the morning.
THANK YOU MARITZA AND MARINA FOR MAKING ME FEEL JUST ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. i have my confidence back and just in time for my 30th birthday. 🙂

“by Crazzy Erin”